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Sonubaits Pellet O's 8mm Spicy SausageSonubaits Pellet O's 8mm Spicy Sausage
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Sonubaits Pellet O's 8mm Spicy Sausage


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  • Model: SPO/SS08
  • Gefabriceerd door: Sonu Baits

Pellet O's are the perfect hook bait kit.

Pellet O's are pre drilled pellets which can be put on the hair with ease. To make it even easier we have supplied 2 Korum Hookhairs with Quickstops and a Korum Quickstop needle. They are available in two flavours: Crab & Halibut and both in two sizes, 8mm & 12mm.


Artikel opgenomen in ons assortiment op zaterdag 10 februari, 2018.